Chania Translation Centre offers official and certified translations which are accepted by public services and private entities both in Greece and abroad. Driven by a sense of responsibility and consistency, the agency operates in collaboration with qualified, professional, freelance translators who always translate into their native language and cover all areas of expertise, thus offering, high-quality translation work, while strictly respecting delivery deadlines.

The translations are certified by the head of the agency, Mrs. Anna Verganelaki, in her capacity as certified translator, graduate of the Ionian University, pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree 169/2002 of 17.06.2002 (Government Gazette 156/2.7.2002). The agency is also in close collaboration with lawyers in cases when a true copy of the original document or a translation are required to be exclusively certified by a lawyer.

Our translations can be delivered in print or in electronic format, anywhere in Greece or abroad.

Finally, Chania Translation Centre acknowledges that the documents intended for translation are private and confidential and is fully committed to respecting confidentiality principles as regards the client’s personal and professional data.


Chania Translation Centre has many years of experience and the appropriate know-how to meet the requirements of each project, be it a film, a TV series or a documentary. We produce subtitles, time-code them, and fully integrate them into the video, which allows clients to instantly upload audiovisual material on their websites and web platforms.

Typing - Voice Transcription

The agency provides typing services in Greek and other languages of texts that may be in printed form (or handwritten documents), as well as transcribing audio files.


Chania Translation Centre offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for conferences in collaboration with experienced, professional interpreters from all over the country.

You may contact us providing the details of your event (dates, subject matter, language combinations, duration of the conference/interpretation day, number of rooms, etc). After carefully studying the various parameters, we will contact you with the most suitable offer to best meet your event’s requirements.

Finally, Chania Translation Centre offers voice transcription services for your conference as well as translation of the resulting texts to be used for compiling the minutes.